The Chronicles of a Wife

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Spring Break and Beyond

Happy Monday, everyone.  I’m glad to be getting back to normal and blogging again! We have enjoyed a cold but great Spring Break, and had our annual cabin camping trip this last weekend. We enjoyed a nice Spring break even though the weather was cold and crummy.  Matt took the week off and surprisingly enough, […]

Flashback Friday

Happy Good Friday!  We are getting ready to start our Spring Break and I’m getting ready to have all my children AND my husband home for an entire week!  I’m feeling rather sentimental today and thought it would be a good day to bake my grandma’s raisin cookies.  I sure do miss her.  The cookies […]

Celebrating Spring!

Tuesday was the first day of Spring.  It was also free cone day at DQ!  Not many things are better than free ice cream.  It put me in such a good mood I was totally cool giving my two-year old his own ice cream cone to have and to hold.  It was a 45 minute […]

Pinterest Worthy Parenting

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.  I have noticed that once you start a tradition with your kids you can’t stop.  They remember EVERYTHING.  So…here’s an easy trick to provide your child a Pinterest worthy holiday. First, whip up an easy pancake mix.  Keep it easy since you’ve had a child awake since 6:15.  I used […]

Monday Motivation

Welcome to Monday in Indiana.  Ten minutes ago it was snowing and now the sun is out and it looks like a beautiful day!  Ugh. Well, we had a great weekend full of sunshine.  The twins started soccer on Saturday. Alli even decided to play.  She might have been bribed with donuts.  She takes after […]

An Ode to Mothers

The years are short, but the days seem long As a mother, I struggle to find where I belong I grow so tired of the endless chores Laundry, dishes and sweeping the floors Time to myself equals pretty much never I haven’t drunk a cup of tea hot in forever Most of the time I feel grouchy […]

“What the”? Wednesday: I’m Hungry

Here it is:  when your kids are hungry and asking for a snack while you’re drying the dishes from supper.  What the??!?  We just ate four seconds ago. This seems to be the norm at my house lately. Growing up, food was a big reward in my family.  I know, that’s super healthy.  It’s probably […]

Monday Motivation

Mondays are hard.  Coming off of the weekend when everybody is home and dirtying everything makes me exhausted. Plus, it is cold and dreary today.  So let me encourage you this Monday and tell you that you have accomplished more than I have today.  You are already winning. Let me just show you a quick […]

Flashback Friday: Bangs Edition

I saw this picture on Facebook the other day and I thought it was hilarious. But then I realized that I felt a really weird connection to the photo.  And then it hit me.  This was every elementary school picture of my childhood.  I looked through some old photos to verify.  Let’s start at the […]

Have mercy, March!

February just FLU right by. Did you catch that?  Yes, I meant to spell it like that.  The flu has invaded our house this month and I’m over it.  The last one to go down was Matt.  The man, the myth and the legend got the flu.  We were all shocked.  Even Alli said daddy […]