The Chronicles of a Wife

Living the story at a time!


Last week this SAHM (stay at home mom) had a bit of a mid-life crisis.  I guess that’s what you would call it since I will be 40 (gasp) next year. (Gasp again.) All three kids were still home on summer break and we were in the last few days of barely surviving.  There was […]

S’more Teeth

We are enjoying the cooler temps! My favorite weather gal suggested a bonfire.  I just happened to have all the ingredients for s’mores, so why not?? I mean doesn’t everyone bring a machete to their bonfire?  And let their three year old chop down some grass?  Just my husband?? Then a bump on a chair […]

Three: The New Two

Terrible twos you say?  Meh. Three has upped it’s game. Three is the new two. Three can make the cutest thing you’ve ever seen become the nastiest thing you’ve ever encountered.  In seconds. If a door with a handicap button can literally ruin your entire day, you are entering a building with a three year […]

Living the Dream

If you’re already reading my blog you probably know me already, but in case you don’t allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ann.  I’m a stay at home mom that’s living the dream one story at a time.  I’m more of a TV club kind of gal.  You won’t find me reading for mental growth, […]

Sooo apparently…

Sooo apparently… If your two year old falls asleep in the car for ten seconds or longer he will not nap.  This summer it happened a few days in a row.  It’s really no big deal… Sooo apparently… Even our soap is dirty.  I can’t even keep up with it right now.  If I become […]

Summer Loving!

Hi Everyone! Yes, I’m still alive.  Summer is in full swing!  I’d like to tell you that everything is going awesome and I am full of energy and keeping up with my kids, but we all know that is not what this blog is about.  I.feel.exhausted.  But, we are having a good summer.  We have […]

Mornings for Moms

I made pancakes for Ben because we have a late start today.  You would think that late start means we have more time to sleep in and get things ready.  That is a myth…a lie from the devil himself! Anyhow, back to the pancakes.  I decided to put blueberries in the last one and have […]

“Grand” Parenting

I saw this on Facebook the other day and thought it was so true! I often find it hard to believe that the same woman who raised me is the grandmother of my children.  The same woman that told me to swallow my spit after crying out in thirst is the same woman that brings […]

Baby Fever

There’s been a lot of baby fever the last few weeks with the royal baby being born.  Since they didn’t announce it on PBS Kids, I didn’t realize the Princess had gone in to labor until my mom told me the news.  I got online to see what was happening and lo and behold, the […]

Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Matt and I had a conversation about his clothes this weekend and it made me think of an old blog from 2011.  Check it out below. Well, where are MG’s clothes now??  All of our neighbors can tell you.  I came home the other day to find MG’s clothes hanging from our […]