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Flashback Friday: Bangs Edition

I saw this picture on Facebook the other day and I thought it was hilarious.

But then I realized that I felt a really weird connection to the photo.  And then it hit me.  This was every elementary school picture of my childhood.  I looked through some old photos to verify.  Let’s start at the beginning.

And the school photos begin…

I feel that I saved the best photo for last.  Did my mom really not notice that giant uneven strand of hair going in to my eye?  Could we not find the scissors to even that up?  Probably because the scissors were 20 years old and had no cutting power.

Mom, you had no business.

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  1. Love this Ann! Yes….I remember crying almost every time my Mom cut my bangs. Maybe it was a generational thing😂😂. Except….your a generation below me??🤔

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