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Monday Motivation

Mondays are hard.  Coming off of the weekend when everybody is home and dirtying everything makes me exhausted.


Plus, it is cold and dreary today.  So let me encourage you this Monday and tell you that you have accomplished more than I have today.  You are already winning.

Let me just show you a quick picture of my little sidekick  who got a haircut this weekend and looks a little too grown up. IMG_4719.jpg

Anyhow, my little sidekick and I were up and at ’em this morning and headed to our favorite Zumba class.  Too bad the child watch area was full and had a waiting list.  I took my defeat right to McDonald’s for a coffee instead.  It’s not like I could help it. What a bummer.

Another bummer is the kids and husband found my jellybean stash over the weekend.  I have nothing of my own.


Well, it’s time to get productive.  I better start a load of laundry.  It’s been 14 hours since I’ve done a load and it’s already piling up.

It also appears that Matt is running a restaurant out of his car/office and it looks like he doesn’t have a dishwasher.


I love when I get surprised with one of these goody bags.  Well, it’s time to get productive.  Happy Monday, everyone.


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