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“What the”? Wednesday: I’m Hungry

Here it is:  when your kids are hungry and asking for a snack while you’re drying the dishes from supper.  What the??!?  We just ate four seconds ago. This seems to be the norm at my house lately.

Growing up, food was a big reward in my family.  I know, that’s super healthy.  It’s probably why I deserve to often “reward” myself with ice cream or McDonald’s coffee.  Denying someone food or drink at my house growing up would have been straight-up abuse.

My daughter is constantly looking for food.  She constantly wants something to eat.  She gets it honestly.  My son is always thirsty, and when he asks for a drink he is usually crying because he is the thirstier than he has ever been in his entire little life.  I have often denied him a drink because I don’t want anybody wetting the bed.

Alright, parents.  How do/did you deal with food/drink requests?  When do you close the kitchen?


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  1. This is so true! I quit buying snacks they like and only let them have fruits or veggies when they are hungry between meals. That way I don’t feel so bad about it 😉

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