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An Ode to Mothers

The years are short, but the days seem long
As a mother, I struggle to find where I belong

I grow so tired of the endless chores
Laundry, dishes and sweeping the floors

Time to myself equals pretty much never
I haven’t drunk a cup of tea hot in forever

Most of the time I feel grouchy and grumpy
I have no time to shower and always feel frumpy

I’ve got such big plans once my kids are in bed
But most nights I can’t even hold up my head

Bon Jovi tells me I’m livin’ on a prayer
But most days it feels like I’m running out of air

In my kitchen, I’m serving up three meals a day
The dishes, the clean up…Calgon, take me away!

My dinner consists of kid’s leftover bites
So why are my jeans always feeling so tight?

“Get your shoes on!  Brush your teeth!”  All I ever do is nag
By the time the school bus comes I am waving the white flag

I love my children dearly, don’t get me wrong
But oh, for the days of privacy do I long

Most days I feel worn down, anxious and stressed
Often forgetting that in life I’m so blessed

At times it seems that all I do is discourage
Instead of taking time to build up and encourage

The days become filled with guilt and regret
But also sweet memories I’ll never forget

These moments are precious and fleeting at best
Soon enough we’ll have more time to relax and rest

We have the most important job of raising our kids for the Lord
For on this earth is not where we’ll receive our reward

Moms, let’s not forget that we need each other
Because it’s no joke, this whole being a mother 

The years are short, but the days seem long
Hang on, mama.  You’re so brave and strong!

Ann Goebel

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  1. Within the blink of an eye our kids are in kindergarten, junior high, high school and then college, marriage, babies and the circle keeps going around and around!!!

    Remember that it is all really a short time in our lives!! So make them the best for your family and worry not b/c our kids were never really ours the begin with!! They are really God’s children and given to us to do the best we can with the children God gave us!!! And we are so blessed!!! Thank you Lord! Hang in there with us and go before us Lord for we need you in all we do!

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