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Monday Motivation

Welcome to Monday in Indiana.  Ten minutes ago it was snowing and now the sun is out and it looks like a beautiful day!  Ugh.

Well, we had a great weekend full of sunshine.  The twins started soccer on Saturday.

Alli even decided to play.  She might have been bribed with donuts.  She takes after me.  Not the soccer playing, but the donut eating.  She enjoyed soccer…and the donut!


I hope that you have had a productive Monday.  I’ve actually stayed pretty motivated today.  The dishwasher and washing machine have been running constantly.  I was going to work out, but I found this on Facebook today and felt like it was prophetic.  Looks like this is just not my year.


Well, I suddenly have more free time on my hands.  And it’s snowing again.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Dang it now I have to work out tomorrow….but maybe not because they spelled my name wrong? Phew. Saved by the H!

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