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Pinterest Worthy Parenting

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.  I have noticed that once you start a tradition with your kids you can’t stop.  They remember EVERYTHING.  So…here’s an easy trick to provide your child a Pinterest worthy holiday.

First, whip up an easy pancake mix.  Keep it easy since you’ve had a child awake since 6:15.  I used Martha Stewart’s recipe that I found on Pinterest while laying on the couch this morning thinking about how tired I am.

Next, add a few drops of green artificial food coloring gel.

What do you have??  Special green St. Patrick’s day pancakes!


Serve them up with a smile…just like June Cleaver.  (This is where you pretend like I’m wearing a dress and heels and not a stained sweatshirt.)


Then take a cute picture of your happy child that you can plaster on Facebook and Instagram to impress all your peeps.


Congratulations on being Pinterest worthy all before 8am.  Now, I’m going to splash a little green gel in my coffee and get moving.  Today includes soccer, school carnival and e-learning.  Every parents’ dream.

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