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Flashback Friday

Happy Good Friday!  We are getting ready to start our Spring Break and I’m getting ready to have all my children AND my husband home for an entire week!  I’m feeling rather sentimental today and thought it would be a good day to bake my grandma’s raisin cookies.  I sure do miss her.  The cookies will never taste or look like her cookies…but they came close.


Since I’m feeling so sentimental, I thought it would be a good time to read a blast from the past.  This post was written when we were newlyweds with no children.  I’m reading things like we sleep in on Saturdays and make breakfast.  What??!?  I was on laundry duty??!?  I didn’t even know the magnitude of laundry that was coming my way!

Well, apparently our bathrooms were getting pretty dirty.  We were probably really busy NOT having any kids.  Ok, I digress.  This is one of my favorite memories when I was so pleased with my amazing new husband…until I found out about his cleaning bucket.  Happy weekend, everyone!

Mr. Clean

Saturday was cleaning day at our house.

I will say that the deep cleaning fairy does not come to our house very often.  We usually sleep in on Saturdays and make breakfast.  As soon as breakfast was over we had to make the plan for the day.  Our master bathroom was getting pretty bad and my hubby was starting to notice.  Matt volunteered to do the bathroom and shovel the driveway while I was on laundry and kitchen duty.  I must say that I am blessed to have a husband that helps around the house.  I know that.  But you know there is always a catch.

Matt was in the bathroom for about an hour.  He was in there with the door closed and at first I thought he was overcome with the cleaning chemicals.  But then he came out very proud of the job he had done.  I went in to check the bathroom and of course like a typical woman I say good job and then go ahead and fix the things I don’t like.  But the bathroom did look great.

He then starts to clean the next little bathroom outside our bedroom and this is when it happened.  He asked me if I ever clean with the toilet bowl.  I was a little perplexed and said how I occasionally clean the toilet bowl with the brush and the toilet spray.  He then informed me that he meant using the toilet bowl as a “cleaning bucket” and then put his hand and rag in the toilet and swished it around and then began to clean the sink.  He looked at me like I was an alien because I had never done that before and explained how it was disinfected water.  Now ladies, I have only shared a toilet and lived with a man for a year and a half, but I can tell you there sure isn’t anything disinfected about my toilet now…or anywhere around it for that matter!  I just stood there paralyzed with disgust.  Proverbs 19:2 says it is not good to have zeal without knowledge.  How excited I was to have help with cleaning the house that day until I happened to get a sneak peek of how it was done.

Sunday was cleaning day at our house…

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  1. Those cookies look great! As soon as I saw them I thought of Gram. Did you use regular raisins? As far as I know, you can’t get the Muscat Raisins at the store any more. About 10 years ago I ordered a 10# box of the Muscat Raisins direct from Sun Maid. I may have to do that again.

    Yeah, I don’t care how much disinfectant you use. The toilet is never disinfected enough to the wash anything else out of it!

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