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Spring Break and Beyond

Happy Monday, everyone.  I’m glad to be getting back to normal and blogging again! We have enjoyed a cold but great Spring Break, and had our annual cabin camping trip this last weekend.

We enjoyed a nice Spring break even though the weather was cold and crummy.  Matt took the week off and surprisingly enough, our marriage survived!  We had a fun week of bowling, children’s museum and had an exciting first for the Goebel Fam.  Miss Alli lost TWO teeth over Spring Break.



This is the toughest girl I know.  She pulled both of her teeth by herself.  I would show you the video, but apparently teeth gross a lot of people out…even her dad!

We had some great family time and Matt and I made it through very well.  He dressed like he was homeless, even though he was home all week.  Oh well.  Less laundry for me.


This past weekend, we went cabin camping at Potato Creek State Park.  We met some friends and all camped out together for the weekend.  This is our second year of this fun tradition.  I never went camping as a child, so the cabins are a good compromise.  I don’t have a lot of memories like this, so I love the fact that my kids are making great memories.


Marshmallow toothpick towers are a fun camping tradition!


My husband packed very few things to wear, but somehow managed to pack the two most awful t-shirts that he owns.  Seriously.  I am so glad that we were the only people in the park the day that he wore this shirt.


Even though it was cold and rainy, the kids were sad to go.  Alli cried all the way home.


Some of us were just plain exhausted.


I’ve never been more excited to sleep in my own bed.  It was glorious.

Now, the pile of the stinky laundry in the garage…it calls me.

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  1. My kids cried all the way home too!! It was a fun weekend!
    I still am finding random toothpicks – how did they sneak home with us??

  2. What? You don’t have camping memories as a child? I’m shocked.

    I love to read your blog, but don’t make the time to comment. I just had to this time; Matt, that shirt. You’re kidding, right? It’s just not very attractive on you. It certainly won’t promote romance in your marriage. Pleeeeeease throw it away. I’ll personally take it to the landfill for you.

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