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Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Matt and I had a conversation about his clothes this weekend and it made me think of an old blog from 2011.  Check it out below.

Well, where are MG’s clothes now??  All of our neighbors can tell you.  I came home the other day to find MG’s clothes hanging from our gutters!  I guess country living has really turned us in to country bumpkins.  And for the record, our dryer works just fine…

This weekend Matt was wearing a pair of his weekend jeans.  Probably one of the pairs that are hanging in the above picture from 2011!  Now during the work week, Matt is dressed for success…and then on the weekends he dresses like the unibomber.


Well, we had a breakthrough moment this weekend.  Matt came in from working outside and informed me that he thinks these jeans are getting a little inappropriate and he needs to get some new weekend pants.  What do you think?


I calmly agreed with him saying whatever…waiting until he left the room to do a pentecostal dance of praise and rejoicing to the Lord.  Hopefully I’ll be seeing a lot of denim rags in my future.  My prayers have been answered.  Thank.You.Jesus.

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