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Baby Fever

There’s been a lot of baby fever the last few weeks with the royal baby being born.  Since they didn’t announce it on PBS Kids, I didn’t realize the Princess had gone in to labor until my mom told me the news.  I got online to see what was happening and lo and behold, the baby had been born.  They were already dressed for success and leaving the hospital!  I found this lovely picture online…and I know what you all are thinking.  Because we are all thinking the same thing.


She looks amazing.  Beautiful.  She looks classy, rested and like she’s ready to go out for date night to celebrate the fact that she just popped out a baby mere hours before this picture was taken.  You can’t even tell she’s wearing a maxi pad the size of a twin mattress.  I mean, she is wearing one, right?  Doesn’t everyone?  Maybe that was just me.

If you looked like Princess Kate after giving birth, and I’m sure some of you did, you are a ROCKSTAR and I couldn’t be happier for you.

If seeing this picture made you feel bad because you think you looked awful after giving birth, and no one looked as bad as you did, then this picture is for you.


This was 24 hours after the Goebel family went from party of two to 4G.  I had to dig this picture out of the depths of the basement because I’m trying to repress this year of my life.  I’ll be honest, I don’t see much resemblance to the royal family.  I do see a little resemblance to the giant blimp that flies over the Indy 500 every year.  Frankly, I’m just proud that I’m standing upright, holding something and wearing earrings.  The earrings were the only thing from my former life that fit.  Matt looks just as shell-shocked as he did during the ultrasound that discovered two babies.  Poor fella.

If I were to have another baby, I would feel a little pressured to look as beautiful and classy as Princess Kate.  I would also choose to wear something a little classier than the largest Ball State t-shirt ever made for my first photographic experience.  Unfortunately, that ship has sailed…retired…docked for good.  To all you other beautiful ladies that are still having babies, I feel sorry for you.  Those are awfully big shoes to fill…if you can even get a pair of shoes on your swollen feet.  Good luck!

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