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Mornings for Moms

I made pancakes for Ben because we have a late start today.  You would think that late start means we have more time to sleep in and get things ready.  That is a myth…a lie from the devil himself!

Anyhow, back to the pancakes.  I decided to put blueberries in the last one and have it for myself.  I like my pancakes hot with a little butter on top.

These are the things that have happened since I started eating my pancake.

“Mommy, come here!”
“Mommy, have one?”
“Mommy, did you pack my water bottle?  I need my water bottle!”
“Mommy, I had a big poop!”

So…back to my pancake.  It’s nice and cool by now.


I guess you can’t have your pancake and eat it, too.

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