The Chronicles of a Wife

Living the story at a time!

Living the Dream


If you’re already reading my blog you probably know me already, but in case you don’t allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Ann.  I’m a stay at home mom that’s living the dream one story at a time.  I’m more of a TV club kind of gal.  You won’t find me reading for mental growth, but you will find me at my neighbor’s house watching TV and eating junk food every Monday night.  I’m addicted to ice cream and McDonald’s coffee.  I’m in the last year of my thirties (gasp).  I have three great kids.  A pair and a spare as my husband says.  I’m married to the most unique chaplain you’ll ever meet.  He’s the reason I started The Chronicles of a Wife.  He gives me writing material on a daily basis.  We will celebrate our 11th anniversary in August.

This blog isn’t fancy…just like my life.  Marriage is hard.  Parenting kids is hard.  Life is hard.  And sometimes laughter is the best medicine.  Thanks for reading.  I’m glad you’re here!

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