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S’more Teeth

We are enjoying the cooler temps!

My favorite weather gal suggested a bonfire.  I just happened to have all the ingredients for s’mores, so why not??

I mean doesn’t everyone bring a machete to their bonfire?  And let their three year old chop down some grass?  Just my husband??


Then a bump on a chair brought yet another one of Alli’s teeth right out!


Me (to my disappointed child):  “You can hardly tell.  You look great!  No one will even notice.”

Alli: “Come on!  I am like the saddest person in Warsaw.  When am I going to stop losing teeth?”


I’ve got one that is sad for losing a tooth and one that is crying because he didn’t lose a tooth.  I guess everyone is losing around this place.

And I would like to add that these homely children were bathed before they went to bed!


$$$$$$  Poor girl has her mama’s teeth.  $$$$$$

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