The Chronicles of a Wife

Living the story at a time!


Last week this SAHM (stay at home mom) had a bit of a mid-life crisis.  I guess that’s what you would call it since I will be 40 (gasp) next year. (Gasp again.)

All three kids were still home on summer break and we were in the last few days of barely surviving.  There was a special business event happening in town and as I was scrolling through social media I kept seeing all these women that were dressed in fancy boutique clothes looking amazing and doing amazing things.  Get it, girls!

As I kept getting sucked in to the pit of social media I began feeling more and more sorry for myself.  Here I am.  Barely.  My three year old has dripped pee on my leg, I am in the same old workout clothes I wear every day and my hair is in the usual greasy pony tail that I wear every day.  All I am is a SAHM – which for me stands for Such.A.Hot.Mess!  I barely contribute financially to my family and most days my house is a wreck!  IMG_2478

Being a mom is wonderfully hard.  Life brings us different seasons and challenges.  I don’t want to spend my life watching what others are doing.  I want to always be Seeking.A.Higher.Mission.  There’s many things to be thankful for.  Being at home is hard and definitely not glamorous, but it also has many benefits.

There’s an older man at church that always stops me to talk.  It’s usually when I’m in a rush or getting ready for band practice.  He always ends our conversation by telling me to have a great day and that it’s up to me to choose to have joy.

I want to embrace my season.  You might be single, working , staying at home, a hot mess or a hot mama!  It’s a season.  And it will change.

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