The Chronicles of a Wife

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Monday Musings

Happy Monday, everyone.  It has been rainy and gloomy all day.  This just makes me want to curl up and take a nap, but instead I made some krispy peanut butter balls. This was probably a bad idea, considering that I LOVE rice krispie treats and could eat a whole pan in one setting.  They […]


I hope you have all had a wonderful week of love…feeling loved and showing love to others.  I am thankful to be on the other side of this week…hopefully the other side of the flu.   We have been stuck inside A LOT this week.  And this girl has been a real trooper.   Apparently, […]

Two in Review

I was quarantined to my house all weekend with a sick kiddo, so I had some time to clean and organize…when I wasn’t watching Netflix in my pajamas, of course.  I noticed that we have a lot more pictures of our firstborn twins than we do of Caleb who is kid #3.  I was going […]

Toilet Talk

I’m just going to keep it real here.  One of the burning questions I have had in marriage is this:  Why does my husband always disappear at the most inconvenient times?  Where does he go?  What takes so long?  What is he doing? This is usually where I find him.  Apparently this door (the bathroom […]

Birthday Madness

Well, we have officially survived the birthday madness.  I have almost recovered, but it would probably help if I would stop eating leftover birthday cake.  It seems like birthdays drag on and on.  You celebrate at school.  You celebrate with family.  You celebrate the actual day of their birthday.  It was a great weekend celebrating […]

Flashback Friday

Since I missed TBT I decided to do Flashback Friday.  I’ve been daydreaming about last weekend when we were having such lovely spring-like weather.  My kids were doing some manual labor and played outside with our awesome neighbor kids for hours and hours.  Every mother’s dream… Well, at least we have arrived to February.  I […]

“What the?” Wednesday: What’s in Your Wallet?

Since my kids have started school, they come home saying some interesting things.  One of those interesting things is the phrase “What the?”.  Although I have told them that they shouldn’t say that phrase, I often find myself thinking “what the?”. Take my wallet, for example.  What a mess of receipts and Culver’s coupons.  It’s […]

Photo Bomber

Breakfast table talk on this cold Tuesday morning: Alli: “Mama, do you notice anything different about me?” Me: ?? Alli:  “I slept so good last night I’ve grown a little!” Me:  “Oh wow, I see it!  Let me take a picture.” Ben: “Alli is on her tippy toes” The results of the photo shoot are […]


I’m so glad to be back to blogging and I’m glad that you’re reading.  I currently work part time, but I am mainly a SAHM taking care of my family. The Chronicles started after Matt and I were first married and I realized that he was quite a unique character.  I fondly think back on […]