The Chronicles of a Wife

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“What the?” Wednesday: What’s in Your Wallet?

Since my kids have started school, they come home saying some interesting things.  One of those interesting things is the phrase “What the?”.  Although I have told them that they shouldn’t say that phrase, I often find myself thinking “what the?”. Take my wallet, for example.  What a mess of receipts and Culver’s coupons.  It’s […]

Photo Bomber

Breakfast table talk on this cold Tuesday morning: Alli: “Mama, do you notice anything different about me?” Me: ?? Alli:  “I slept so good last night I’ve grown a little!” Me:  “Oh wow, I see it!  Let me take a picture.” Ben: “Alli is on her tippy toes” The results of the photo shoot are […]


I’m so glad to be back to blogging and I’m glad that you’re reading.  I currently work part time, but I am mainly a SAHM taking care of my family. The Chronicles started after Matt and I were first married and I realized that he was quite a unique character.  I fondly think back on […]